Cow Welfare - GreenStall Easy
Comfort Mode is Production Mode.
Cow Welfare - Flexible Feeding Fence
Brighten Your Milk Yield. Heighten Your Reproduction.
Cow Welfare - Flexible Feeding Fence
Finally, the Freedom to Eat Naturally.

LED Lights

iBarn - LED Lights

Lighting in barns is in the ‘spotlight’.  The benefits of lighting in dairy has been documented for years.  Consider LED lights for your barn and have them designed for your management program.  It pays to light your barn right.

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Cow-Welfare Flex Stall

iBarn - Cow-Welfare Flex Stall

Featuring innovative freestall stabling for your dairy cows and a very unique head rail.  Imported from Denmark these products are revolutionary to the dairy industry and redefine cow comfort.

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Cow-Welfare Flex Feed

iBarn - Cow-Welfare Flex Feed

Cow-Welfare Flex Feed is the essence of simplicity.   Yet it is also genius.  No longer are cows restricted by head gates that are intimidating, nor do they develop lesions and rub marks from awkwardly positioned heavy metal.

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