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About iBarn

The premise to iBarn is simple.

Barns are critical to the life of the farmer.  Before the crack of dawn, the farmer can be found in the barn – where most of his day is spent next to the livestock.  In the evenings the farmer visits the house.

Barns are especially important to livestock.  Here in the shelter of the barn, the farmer provides his livestock the optimal conditions for their welfare.  Because he cares.

Comfortable livestock are not only content, they are also more productive.    A farmer is not only a professional in animal husbandry, but they are also business people.  So it is also about a return on investment.

The goal of iBarn is to distribute products that are first of all: innovative.  Products that have been proven to provide results, and cannot be readily found in the marketplace.  Thus our product catalogue will always be small!  iBarn is really about a network of professionals (dealers and tradespeople) who can best integrate these products into your barn.

Be sure to contact Brian VanderHoeven, General Manager for assistance you require. Having grown up on a dairy farm and spending years in the lighting manufacturing industry Brian knows the products well and understands the farm.