Greyflex Stall
Comfort Mode is Production Mode.
Cow Welfare - Flexible Feeding Fence
Brighten Your Milk Yield. Heighten Your Reproduction.
GreyFlex Feed Fence
Finally, the Freedom to Eat Naturally.

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Innovative Product Portfolio

Our portfolio of products is not intended to be large.  We are not the Amazon of barns.  We don’t manufacture.  We don’t develop new product.  We simply distribute some of the best products in our Canadian marketplace.

Partner Driven

Good product is useless without the right partners.  If you feel you would be able to represent the product well in the marketplace, please contact us.  You need to be rich with integrity!  Deep with an ability to execute.  Not afraid to disturb the marketplace with a portfolio of products sourced seamlessly via the iBarn network that is ridiculously right for the barn.